Cool and stylish clothes and accessories are not only for people anymore!

HAPPYDOG Pet Couture was born several years ago with the desire of Anna Konokhova to supply stylish dog owners with edgy items for their beloved pets.

What makes HAPPYDOG Pet Couture unique is the time and effort we put into designing and producing every item. The designer knows from personal experience how attached people become to their pets. So, unlike the mass produced factory products, we offer to our clients the items crafted by hand, step by step. Each piece, no matter bow, clothing or pet house begins with a personal vision and is then sketched and handcrafted to bring the dream to life.

There is no doubt that your pet will appear in the center of everyone’s attention if you choose HAPPYDOG Pet Couture.

For several years HAPPYDOG Pet Couture developed its experience observing what the customers of our native country prefer. Many times HAPPYDOG Pet Couture designer Anna Konokhova was invited to the pet fashion show events as an expert in this field. Several times HAPPYDOG Pet Couture made its promotion in Dog Brands fashion show in Ukraine.

All HAPPYDOG clothing and accessories are 100 % handmade.

To allow the best fit, especially for clothing, HAPPYDOG Pet Couture offers the custom orders for your pets, taking into account their specific measurements. It is especially very important for pets who do not fit standard sizes.

The goal of HAPPYDOG Pet Couture - is to provide stylish but still comfortable clothing and accessories for your pets.
Please visit us often as we are trying to update new products as many as we can.